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Treehouse Sanctum is a diverse alternative folk rock band from Denver, CO.  Having recently shared the stage with Mumford & Sons, The Flaming Lips, Jenny Lewis, and more; this unique group is working on their sophomore album, due out in early 2017.  Fronted by duo, Sam & Danya Lynn and backed by Andrew (drums), Ben (Bass), Jeremy (lead guitar) & Dewayne (trumpet); Treehouse Sanctum creates a soulful fused sound of folk, indie dream rock, & boot stomping Americana.



Pilot & Crew (May, 2015), this newest single release is based upon the true story of Lt. Devert Rymer.  70 years ago, on April 29, 1945, Lt. Rymer was liberated from Stalag Luft VII-A in Germany by U.S. Armed Forces.  10 months prior, he and his crew of nine airmen climbed into a B-24 Liberator named, Buffalo Gal, and took off from southern Italy.   The word epic means heroic poem. This brief epic is not only for them, but for all who have served and sacrificed for freedom.

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Shake the Shadow (2014), the debut 12 song LP, is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp, SoundCloud,  and more…

This unique & genre bending album represents a harmonious fusion of traditional folk, soulful jazz, groove-filled dream rock, and boot stomping Americana.

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More about Treehouse Sanctum

Treehouse Sanctum, a diverse indie folk rock band from Denver, CO, has crafted a harmonious fusion of Alternative Folk, Indie, Dream Rock, Jazz & boot stomping Americana.  The recently released debut album, Shake the Shadow, has received critical praise and conveys a comprehensive amalgamation of sonorous versatility; where a sultry, soulful voice meets folksy nonchalance.  

Treehouse Sanctum began when two single parents met on a blind date. The main topic of conversation was their mutual love of creating new music.  Soon thereafter, a friendship was born. Fast forward a few months to a jam session at Sam’s house when Danya joined and everyone in the room was blown away by her voice.   That night during an epic rendition of DeVotchKa’s How it Ends, they harmonized for the first time and a new duo was born.

With some encouragement from friends, Sam and Danya started writing new songs together, incorporating harmonies and experimenting with tempo changes and foot-stomping rhythms.   Soon they had a full set-list of original songs, and decided to play their first show.

After some time playing as a duo in the talent rich Denver music scene, they incorporated Dave Villano (violin/uilleann pipes), Jon Boland (bass/accordion), Jeremy Gleason (lead guitar), and Andrew Horwath (cajon/percussion/drums), Dewayne Rymer (trumpet) to expand their unique sound.

Shake the Shadow was released on March 15, 2014 at the Marquis Theater in Denver, CO. Contributors on this album also include:  TD DavisChristopher J. BloomChris Graham, Dewayne Rymer, Daniel Carrillo, and Ryan Durfee.  The 12 song LP was recorded over the course of two years at Bloom’s RoomSilo Sound, and Dave Villano’s studio.

Shades of Blue is one of the most interesting and unique songs on the entire album.  Dynamic, wordless harmonies on the chorus, and a lively outro mask the heavy lyrical content of a pending divorce.  Battle Hymn is a joyous and defiant groove that draws on soulful southern gospel roots.

The album’s 2nd track, Grace Colorado, is an alt-country duet that is a frank and sentimental look at a man moving on from a relationship with a good-hearted woman. Delivered from his and her vantage points, it is a song that is immediately accessible to anyone who has loved and lost, and couldn’t explain why.

Songs like ParamourThe Wake, and Beauty in the Brokenness highlight the progressive dream-rock abilities of the band.  Ocean Song, the album’s final track is a near acappella rendition that makes you want to dig your toes into the sand some place warm and watch the sun set.

From smooth, martini-sipping trumpet work on You Move to the swinging eccentricity of Almost, So Close, this album delivers a masters class in versatility.  “Shake the Shadow” is worthwhile debut album to explore.

Treehouse Sanctum is currently writing their sophomore album; inspired by the wisdom, that there are few things better in life, than creating music with your friends. Whenever possible they strive to use their music to serve a higher purpose whether it be by playing a show to support a local charity or writing songs about subjects they hope will inspire.

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