Paste Magazine

“Sam Rymer & Danya Lynn Uptegrove sing in lush compliment to one another.”  Paul Corsi, Paste Magazine (review of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel)

Paste Magazine

“…a nod to the innocence of youth and a symbolic sanctuary within which creativity is allowed to flow freely.”  Paul Corsi, Paste Magazine

No Depression

“Treehouse Sanctum captures a lush essence…”  O Come, O Come, Emmanuel review – No Depression

Denver Post

“Treehouse Sanctum sound like an Americana orchestra on Chacala”  Josh Johnson, Denver Post


An Interview on new video “Play It Cool  Grant Stringer – Westword


“Complete with bursting horn blasts and bone-rattling percussion, this track incorporates a dense Americana aesthetic that brings in bits and pieces of other genres to form a complete and mesmerizing musical landscape.”  Chacala Review-  Joshua Pickard, Notes from Left of the Dial, NOOGA

Paste Magazine

“…a nod to the innocence of youth and a symbolic sanctuary within which creativity is allowed to flow freely.”  Paul Corsi, Paste Magazine

Magnet Magazine

“Chacala” is somehow both vibrant and wounded, waltz-y horns opening up this impassioned, sad piece of Americana storytelling.”   Magnet Magazine


An Interview – Get to know Denver band, Treehouse Sanctum  Alli Andress, AXS


“This fresh young, accomplished group makes big, bold, folky pop filled with singalong choruses and a heavy dose of country twang.”  Steve Matteo, SCENES

Denver Post

“Treehouse Sanctum ain’t country.  They’ve found that sweet spot between soft melodies and complicated, layered instrumental textures.”  UMS 2016 Review –  Stephanie March, Denver Post

The Front Porch – Amazing Radio London

“You can listen to it on repeat for about 3 days before you even think of changing the record.”   Baylen Leonard,  The Front Porch (Amazing Radio London)

303 Magazine

“the band creates a compassionate and warm sound — the way folk music, to us, is supposed to.”   Top Local Bands – 303 Magazine


“Also awesome that night? Denver locals Treehouse Sanctum who also have quite a few members and sound great live.”   01/20/17 Show Review – Aimee Giese,  Greeblehaus


“…wave-like harmonies, a mariachi-esque interlude…and dreamy, floating melodies throughout, this track is an exciting peek into the Denver six-piece’s upcoming record, Vivere.” (review of lead single, Chacala) – BolderBeat

Music Inform

“…a comprehensive amalgamation of sonorous versatility; where a sultry, soulful voice meets folksy nonchalance.”    Music Inform

IAE Magazine

“The Denver-based duo’s music will move you in a spiritual way, and you’ll find yourself contemplating life, love, and what it all means. . . Each of these songs provides its own unique dimensions to the project, making Shake the Shadow one of the most comprehensive compilations of genre-bending music I’ve heard all year.”   Shaine Freeman, IAE Magazine

Colorado Music Buzz Magazine

“Shake the Shadow is Colorado proud . . . Steady guitar work and soulful lyrics dominate the music and leave a pleasant taste in the ear of the listener.”    Tim Wenger, Colorado Music Buzz Magazine

Literati Records

“The art of the song is not lost on Treehouse Sanctum, who seem to explore new and interesting ways to harness the beautifully rich vocal palette of Rymer and Prado, with each subsequent track they produce.”     Markus Greybeard, Literati Records

Old Guy at the Show

Review from Larimer Lounge show 01/20/17   – Brett Garske

Mile Hi Music

“If you are looking for the classic American anthem for your summer, here it is folks. “Freedom” is a track you throw on the radio and seat dance with all those strangers at that red light. Treehouse Sanctum is a new Denver based band whose sound is reminiscent of The Civil Wars, and The Lumineers.”     Jennifer Kerber,  Mile Hi Music

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